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Where is the closest rest stop near me? In the United States there are approximately 43,000 miles of interstate highways. Rest areas are sometimes few and far between. Sixty miles to the closest rest stop near me is unbearable when you need to find a bathroom now!

Our rest stop information is as up-to-date as possible.  As “snowbirds,” we drive approximately 100,000 miles per year, mostly on interstates. Whenever possible we’ve verified the exact location of the listed rest stops.  However, the recent economic crunch has affected us all. Many states have closed rest stops without advance warning. Many are temporarily closed for renovations. Some were permanently closed. Please use our Contact Us form to report rest stops that are closed, not listed on our website, or not at the mile marker indicated.

On a recent trip down and up the East Coast, we stopped at our usual rest stops. We have about 45 rest stops we hit during our trip from New England to Florida. During our many stops, we noticed how many people use rest stops solely as a bathroom break. While rest stops are strategically placed as bathroom breaks, they’re also great for picnics. Most people use the restrooms and rush back to their cars. While you’re stopped, pull out the cooler and have a sandwich! Of course, most people nowadays don’t carry coolers, which explains the long lines at restaurant drive thrus.

To find the nearest rest stop, first choose the interstate you’re on.

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